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VVT Medical’s V-Block is a complete solution for performing fast, non tumescent procedure for varicose veins resulting from great saphenous vein (GSV) reflux and valve incompetence.

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A new way to treat Peripheral congested reticular veins. Peripheral Congested veins in the lower limbs and other areas in the body are associated with a wide range of medical and cosmetic disorders. These veins include sub-dermal and reticular veins where mild cases of such varicosities include visual skin changes, eczema or redness. Untreated, the problems can become more severe leading to swollen, painful, “heavy” legs, incurable wounds or blood clots and lymphatic disorders in later stages.

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DPS Double Procedure Syringe

The benefits of ONE HAND operated, Simultaneous Aspiration and injection of Body fluids

VVT Medical’s proprietary single use Dual Procedure Syringe (DPS) enables physicians to perform SIMULTANEOUS aspiration and injection of body liquids, with accuracy, speed and comfort. As an example, with the DPS, a patient's blood is aspirated from within the vein, while liquid sclerosant is simultaneously discharged. With a unique dual barrel design, the syringe can be easily operated with one hand to effectively administer the precise amount of liquid substance.The simultaneous aspiration at the tip of the delivery device creates negative pressure, preventing passage of the injected substance to unwanted areas.

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• Diode Laser 1470 nm for EVLT

• Radial laser fibers

Core Ø 400μm and 550 μm

Buffer Material Tefzel , White

NA 0.22 – Ø Core 400μm ± 2% Ø Clad 420μm ± 2% Buffer Ø 900μm ± 5% Buffer material Tefzel, white